Educational Membership

Educational Membership includes access to 12-20 clinical CEUs per year including a variety of topics presented by Dr. Cyntrell, Harvey Norris and other leaders in the field of social work.  Access to all previously recorded trainings and access to Brown Bag Clinical Events.

Courses Include

Norris Rapid Suicide Screener

Suicide Risk Assessment

Conversations with a         Nueropsychologist

Substance Abuse Archetypal Cards


Clinical Supervision happen weekly in a ZOOM ROOM.  An on-line, real-time video conference where you can ask questions and clinically present your client scenarios and/or questions to Psychiatrist Dr. Cyntrell Crawford, MD on Medication and Psychiatric  issues and Harvey Norris, LCSW for crisis intervention and Suicide Risk Assessment issues. 

Answers and feedback are provided in real time.  

All CLINICAL SUPERVISIONS are recorded and uploaded for learning experiences and review.  

I am Dr. Cyntrell

Dr. Cyntrell T. Crawford, MD is a Adult Psychiatrist who focuses on Addiction Recovery, who is also speaker, author, consultant and media personality.  Dr. Cyntrell is also Founder and Chief Medical Advisor of and shares her knowledge via her web series to help those struggling with addiction find a confidential and safe path to recovery.

I am Harvey Norris, LCSW

I have been practicing social work for 29 years and have practiced in a variety of settings.  

My specialization is crisis intervention and Suicide Risk Assessment.  

I lecture and teach around the Southern United States and have authored 10 books on social work, co-authored 2 other clinical social work books and co-authored a True Crime Novel.